To promote health, sustainability, and financial stability by diving into the nuances of expiration dates and how they affect our lives.

Recent Engagements

Dr. Madison or “The Public Health Pharmacist,” who you can find at @thepublichealthpharmacist on instagram, is a speaker, author, and educator in addition to being a pharmacist that primarily works with marginalized communities. As an esteemed pharmacist, she has been invited to share her insight on TEDx, Good Morning America, The National Desk, Black News Channel, NBC Las Vegas, FOX 5, CBS News Now, ABC KTNV Las Vegas, Vegas PBS, KNPR News, and many other podcasts. She is undoubtedly an expert in the field of medicine expiration as she discussed exactly that in GMA’s “Dos and Don’ts of Expired Medication.” This episode also focuses on the culture behind over-prescribing, the dangers of over-prescribing, and point of access testing for pharmacists.

Assemblymember Irwin, who you can contact at, represents California’s 42nd district and is the chair of both the Revenue and Taxation committee and the Cybersecurity committee of the California State Assembly. She has created legislation that has not only expanded tax-free savings accounts for the disabled, but also increased the cybersecurity of state agencies. This episode focuses on assembly bill 660, her proposed legislation that would regulate food labeling.

Chef Jomon, who you can find at @chefjomon on instagram, is a distinguished Indian chef and culinary lecturer in London, England. He is the executive chef at the LaLiT London making him one of the youngest executive chefs in London. He has won the Global Food Safety Leader Award, won the Culinary Hero Award by the Craft Guild of Chefs, finished as a semifinalist for the UK National Chef of the Year, and appeared as a BBC Celebrity Master Chef! This episode focuses on the nuances of food expiration in Indian Culture.


Have you ever gone to the kitchen, mouth watering for a PB&J, just to find the bread’s expiration date passed two weeks ago? I am Beckett Hutchens, your “Expire Esquire,” and this all too common experience has urged me to expose the truth behind shelf life. With the help of experts in their field, I do the dirty work to help you be more climate conscious and safe with your  expiration dates on everything from food to household paint.

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