AB 660: A Debrief

AB 660: A Debrief

In my interview with Assemblymember Irwin, we discussed her proposed Assembly Bill 660 in California, and although we discussed it briefly, some who have used my website have expressed confusion with the bill. No worries because the expire esquire is here! Assembly Bill 660 or AB 660 for short was introduced into the California State […]

20%: Food Insecurity

In my podcast episode with Assemblymember Irwin, she mentioned that expiration date ambiguity accounts for 20% of all food waste. For many, this food waste is simply an afterthought that arises when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, but for others it is a much bigger issue.  Here are some facts about the issue […]

20%: The Methane Epidemic

According to Assemblymember Irwin in my podcast episode, expiration date ambiguity creates roughly 20% of all food waste in the U.S. This number may seem monstrous, but how is it affecting us in the long run after it is picked up by garbage trucks?  One impact this food has in the long run is methane. […]

Daily Tips for Daily Food

I hate the feeling of looking at a full container of food expire in my food pantry or fridge, but unwilling to risk food poisoning, the food ends up at the bottom of my trash every time. BUT, the Expire Esquire is here to compile some of the most effective food storage tips. Let’s jump […]

“Sell By” Dates, Not What You Think

In 2013, Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic and the Natural Resources Defense Council released an astonishing report with some stunning facts about the amount of food thrown away. However, not all of the blame can be placed on you consumers as food corporations have most of the autonomy in determining the food […]