Medicine and Drinking Water: An Unlikely Connection

Medicine disposal is becoming a crisis earlier than many expected, and one place that is feeling the brunt of it is fresh water. Almost every time that we flush medicine down the drain due to an expiration date, it ends up in lakes and streams, not only affecting our fish neighbors but also our own […]

Recycling Drugs: A New Innovation

An advancement in the pharmaceutical world is taking place, and you should know about it! Solid drug waste is starting to be recycled! For acetaminophen, tetracycline, and ibuprofen, 66.5% of the drug was recovered on average. Most drugs are disposed of in the trash, toilet, or an incinerator and this is already causing major pollution […]

The Medicine Cabinet Myth

You love saving money. Some of your friends think you are cheap, but you know you are just smarter than them. Here are a few tricks to follow in order to extend the potency of your medicine. First, moisture and heat pose the biggest opponents to drug expiration. Moisture¬† sensitive medications should be stored in […]

Pepto bismol Perusal

Towards the end of my school year, I stopped by my old chemistry teacher’s office with five bottles full of Pepto-bismol and a puzzling question: can I turn this medicine, which I took last night, into pure bismuth? Sure enough, in science teacher fashion, she responded, “We won’t know until we try it out!” I […]

Myth vs Reality

A drug expiration date can be deceiving. You are sure that these little pills work the same, and do you really want to spend all that money just to buy the same drug? Studies show, you might be right in your reluctancy to not trust expiration dates. Drug expiration dates are the last day that […]