Dr. Christina Madison

Dr. Madison or “The Public Health Pharmacist,” who you can find at @thepublichealthpharmacist on instagram, is a speaker, author, and educator in addition to being a pharmacist that primarily works with marginalized communities. As an esteemed pharmacist, she has been invited to share her insight on TEDx, Good Morning America, The National Desk, Black News Channel, NBC Las Vegas, FOX 5, CBS News Now, ABC KTNV Las Vegas, Vegas PBS, KNPR News, and many other podcasts. She is undoubtedly an expert in the field of medicine expiration as she discussed exactly that in GMA’s “Dos and Don’ts of Expired Medication.” This episode also focuses on the culture behind over-prescribing, the dangers of over-prescribing, and point of access testing for pharmacists.

Website: https://www.thepublichealthpharmacist.com/