The Medicine Cabinet Myth

You love saving money. Some of your friends think you are cheap, but you know you are just smarter than them. Here are a few tricks to follow in order to extend the potency of your medicine. First, moisture and heat pose the biggest opponents to drug expiration. Moisture¬† sensitive medications should be stored in a location with no greater than 60% humidity, so most US kitchens and bathrooms would not be proper storing locations. Out of 457 medications in a study, 189 had an issue with moisture and temperature, so there is a very likely chance some of your medications do as well. You can check appendix 1 this article to see your medications’ storage conditions. Over time, aspirin pills break down into vinegar and salicylic acid, which irritates the stomach, so try storing your pills in a dresser drawer or on a desk. Ultimately, your pharmacist is the best person to ask about drug storage. I am just trying to save you some gas money!


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